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 I’m Claire Watts and I’ve been a writer and editor of children’s books for almost thirty years and a reader of children’s books forever. For a very long time, I worked on non-fiction for a living and wrote fiction occasionally for myself or for my children. Then when the non-fiction work got a little slow and the projects I was working on were a little dull, I thought I’d spend some time writing fiction instead.

In the past three years, I’ve published two novels for young adults (see below) and I have another coming out at the end of the year. Plus I have several more at various stages of completion and then there are the fairy tales…


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Here’s what they don’t tell you about love in the movies:

(one) You never know what’s going on in the other person’s head. Never. Not even when they’re telling you.
(two) Which you know already, because you’re not necessarily telling them what’s going on in your head either.
(three) And most of the time you’re not absolutely sure what’s going on in your head anyway.
(four) Most important of all. Keep in mind, all the time, that you don’t get ‘happily ever after’ when you’re seventeen. You don’t get anything ‘ever after’. Not yet.

Kate and Joe ought to be a perfect match. They’re both obsessed with movies. They definitely fancy each other. And they never stop talking.

But it’s not that simple, is it?

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Summer isn’t turning out the way Molly planned…

Looking forward to six weeks in sunny southern France kept Molly going all through exam revision.

But she didn’t count on the loneliness.

Communicating in a language that’s not your own is hard.

Living with someone else’s family is weird.

And spoilt, moody Léa would rather spend her time with a never-ending stream of boys than bother with Molly.

Maybe Molly needs to stop playing gooseberry and find a boy of her own?

It’s that weird limbo summer when school’s over for ever…

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Lily’s split up with the boyfriend she was planning to spend the summer with.

Simon’s plans to travel are scuppered when his mother has a freak accident.

When Simon gets Lily a job in his mum’s tearoom, Gingerbread & Cupcake, they soon have other things to think about when business takes a dive.

Can they save the tearoom?


And might they be falling in love?
Of course not.

Because you can’t start anything new, not this last summer!

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