Saturday 5 May 2018

Getting organised

It's exam season. Both at-home daughters are taking exams this year, so that means a month of not being able to watch them disappear off on the school bus before settling down to work with my dogs snoring gently around me. *small sigh*

I do love having the girls around. They're good company for the most part. And they're pretty good at getting down to their studying. But when they're around, everything seems to conspire to stop me getting on: the dogs don't settle and lunch seems to take longer and I have to wait around until whoever wants to come for a walk is ready instead of just going when I have a sensible stopping point.

And on top of this I think I'm trying to work on too many different projects at once. I'll putter away at one thing and then get disturbed and lose the thread and when I go back to it I don't have time to get into it properly again, so I start on one of the other things I'm working on. I don't have any pressing deadlines and all of the things I'm doing don't have a firm ending - they'll be done when I say I've done enough.

I need to get organised. I need a system. You know how I like a system.

Then it struck me. My daughters are in just the same situation at me at the moment. They have to organise themselves. They have a number of different types of thing to work on. How much or how little work they need to do is up to them. Of course, their work is not as open-ended as mine: they have an exam at the end, but for the rest of this month, they're doing just what I'm doing. And how are they tackling this? By making themselves a revision timetable. Probably colour-coded. And crossing off as the days go by.

So satisfying.

So you know what I'm thinking? Don't laugh. I'm making myself a timetable for the next month. Colour-coded, of course.

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